The Scoop on Starting Solids: Win Free Baby Food from Little City Kitchen Co.

Winning a pack of handcrafted, organic, frozen baby food from Little City Kitchen Co. has never been easier!

We have just launched the new “Scoop on Starting Solids” blog series, a place where readers can ask any baby food-related question to be answered by experts in the field. A broad range of topics will be discussed…anything from infant nutrition to introducing solids and allergy concerns.

How do you win?  We’re looking for your questions…

Submit a question in the comments section below, and if we feature it in the blog series, you win a free pack of baby food.  It’s that easy.

Choose from flavors like:

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Good luck and submit your questions below!

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26 Comments to “The Scoop on Starting Solids: Win Free Baby Food from Little City Kitchen Co.”

  1. Sarah says:

    I am starting solids this week with my 6 month old (exclusively breastfed baby) and am confused about whether or not breastmilk contains enough iron for a 6 month + infant. The lit. on the web has arguments for and against.

    I am not interested in giving my infant iron-fortified cereal or meat at this point. So what about quinoa for increased iron? There is not much info about quinoa on the web as a first “grain” (seed). I have read that it is a good source of iron though it is inhibited by some acid.

    I guess my question is; do I have to worry that my infant isn’t getting enough iron if I am not feeding fortified cereals or meats… is quinoa a third way?

  2. Mommy Tee says:

    I’d like to use frozen breastmilk as the liquid in my cooking. What are some guidelines and recommendations? I believe breastmilk should not be refrozen once thawed. Does this mean I can’t really cook in bulk and freeze food for future use? Thanks for any tips you might have.

  3. Dominique Vincent says:

    Where can we find information on how to cook foods we don’t actually eat ourselves? I would love to expose my daughter and myself to new foods, but often what holds me back is seeing a food and not knowing how to prepare it and what to pair it with.

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  5. Holly says:

    Are there any spices or foods you don’t recommend adding to homeade baby food? Besides the obvious of course…peanut butter ect…before 1 year of age.

  6. Penny says:

    Hi, I wanted to ask for suggestions for breakfast for my 9 month old son. I’ve been feeding him pureed fruit and Oatmeal from the box. I’m crunched for time in the morning and I would like to vary up his meal. Do you have suggestions? Also, would you in the future prepare baby food for “breakfast”? Lucas loves the food you make for lunches and dinners. Thank you! I’m a big fan of your food and find it helpful as a full time working mom of 3. Best, Penny

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  8. Tulip Cat says:

    I was wondering what kinds of foods I can feed my (until now) breastfed 6-month-old to provide him with enough iron in his diet. What are my options other than fortified cereals?

  9. Kathy Lisam says:

    I was told by people that I should give my baby “real” oatmeal that’s been grinded and cooked (ie. steel cut, etc) but should stick with rice cereal or baby oatmeal from a can because the real stuff is TOO much fiber for the baby and they can’t handle it. Is this true? How is the oatmeal from a can with a baby logo different than my grinded steel cut oatmeal?

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  11. Elise says:

    Hi Jill, I’d like to purchase some cookbooks about making baby food, since I am out of town and can’t attend your classes (although if I’m ever in San Fran, sign me up!). What I like about your recipes is that they all sounds so delicious! The ingredients are interesting and truly gourmet – something I’d expect to see on a restaurant menu. How about a blog post on baby food cookbook reviews sometime? I’d like to hear about cookbooks that have interesting recipes and helpful suggestions, not just ones that tell you how to puree a pear. I can figure that out. ;) Thanks for sharing your great blog! I love reading it and it couldn’t be more timely as our 5 month old is just starting out on her own culinary adventures!

  12. Kathy Lisam says:

    Right now we’ve given our 7 month old mostly fruits and some veggies (yam, sweet potato, yellow beans, green beans) but trying to give her more vegetables. What’s the best way to cook green leafy vegetables that’s easy to eat but still super yummy?

  13. Kathy Lisam says:

    Once baby food has been frozen and thawed, how long do we have to use it by? For example, if I freeze a 1 oz cube of food but know she doesn’t eat that much and it’s thawed, do I have 2 days or only 1 day to use it up or it’s trashed?

  14. victoria says:

    Besides meat and egg yolk, how else can I offer iron rich foods to my 8.5 month old? Also beans? Which beans are best for baby? What do i mix beans with so baby will like the taste?

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  16. Nicole says:

    I’m excited to find the Little City Kitchen! The variety of flavors and textures in your baby foods is enticing. My question is, what are some good options for storing baby food? Most of the little containers I’ve seen on the market are plastic; glass containers all seem to be much bigger. And what about reusing containers that we buy baby food in to store homemade? Thanks!

  17. Dawn says:

    I am hoping for tips. My 9 month old is not that interested in food. She would prefer playing and exploring rather than eating. We are trying new foods all the time and with the doctors approval her menu has expanded. When she does eat, it might be one baby spoon full of something. Then she shakes her head and pushes the spoon away. She does like her puffs and milk but recently nothing more.
    Has anyone experienced this problem and have any tips to get her to explore more foods?

  18. Karra S says:

    My question is regarding when to introduce potential allergens such as strawberries, blueberries, and tomatoes. Due to some food sensitivities my older two had and have since outgrown (eggs and cow’s milk) our pediatrician said to hold off on peanuts, eggs, and shellfish until 1 year but that everything else is fine. In spite of this I’m still feeling nervous about introducing these to her since the recommendation used to be to hold off until 9 months. She is 5 1/2 months old and a much heartier eater than my others have been and I hate to withhold these delicious foods unnecessarily if it really is okay to feed them to her. What is your recommendation?

  19. Amanda says:

    Should I start out introducing single-item foods? When can I start working in combination foods and spices? Generally, how long does it take to see if baby is allergic to a food? Do I have to keep feeding baby that bland rice cereal?

  20. Jen says:

    Hi! My question piggybacks somewhat off the one from Lisa M that was answered in your post on May 26.

    As I research which foods are OK to introduce to our 6-month-old, I see a lot of conflicting information about when it’s OK for a baby to start eating dairy, eggs, wheat, strawberries and more. I understand that veggies and most fruits are great places to start, but what about these other items?

    We’re very lucky to have a healthy, hearty kid and no allergy history in our family, so if the foods listed above aren’t actually all that dangerous we would like to be able to give him a little taste once in a while (especially as we often find ourselves wanting to give him a little bit of whatever we’re eating).

  21. Scarlett says:

    My 6 month old has been eating solids for about a month. Since she started, she has been very constipated, despite feeding her high fiber foods like prunes and sweet potato. How can I change her diet to make to make it easier on her?

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  23. Kathy Lisam says:

    Also, how can I really tell how much she’s eating when it seems a lot just comes back out of her mouth? She seems to like chewing on the bowl and spoon more than anything else. When do I start worrying about her not getting enough nutrition from breastmilk along and pushing for her to actually “eat” the solid foods?

  24. Kathy Lisam says:

    I’m just started my 6 month old on solids. At what consistency should the baby food be? I’ve tried mixing breastmilk with the foods but each time, I just eyeball the amount of liquids but every time the consistency is different. Should it be more more solids or more liquidy? Do babies have a preference for either? She doesn’t seem more or less interested in one than the other.

  25. Christine says:

    I’d like to learn more about your adventures in securing organic and fresh ingredients for your baby food.

  26. Christine says:

    For food introduction, I’ve read that solid foods should be offered to the baby after milk has already been consumed, as the milk offers more essential nutrients than that one serving of solid food. I can do that, but how will I know and when will I know the priority to change?

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