And The Winning Logo is…

Introducing the new logo for Little City Kitchen Co.!  Thanks SO much for all your wonderful comments and feedback – I was blown away by the response.

Here were my conclusions and thoughts about each of the logos…

Logo #1: I love the simplicity that many of you mentioned.  Clearly the spatula didn’t work (nope, not a popsicle or a toilet plunger guys), but I liked that the focus is on the LCKC name.

Logo #2: I love flowers, and yes Will, the logo just made me happy to look at!  This was probably the crowd-favorite if you count up all the votes.  My uncle made a great comment that it was a little “Fisher Price”, which I agreed with and was eventually the reason I didn’t choose it.  In the end, it was my favorite design, but it didn’t send the message that I was looking for in a brand or business.

Logo #3: Loved the idea of a stacked logo, but it just wasn’t working for me.  A few of you that said your eye was drawn first to the picture and as a result, the LCKC name got lost.  I agreed.  I think this was the most creative of the three, but it was a little too busy for me.

The Beet on the Street

So as you can see, I went with the simple route and switched up the mark (the picture-thingy).  I couldn’t seem to think of a kitchen tool to use in the spatula’s place, so in the end I found a really cool picture of a red beet that Wendy re-created.  And everyone knows that I’m a die hard veggie-aholic, so it seemed much more fitting!

I know, I know…it doesn’t scream “baby”.  There will eventually be a separate brand, name, and logo for the baby food, but this logo is versatile enough to grow in any direction the company the company takes.

More details coming later, but suffice it to say, my days have been spent navigating business license requirements, health codes, taking food safety courses, and talking with small business consultants.  For any potential entrepreneurs, check out the East Bay SCORE, a non-profit organization that offers free consulting for small businesses.

None of those topics are extremely interesting to write about though, and after the past week, I have only one thing left to say…

Logo design is SO much more fun!

So guys….what do you think of the new logo?

10 Comments to “And The Winning Logo is…”

  1. Grammy Ruth says:

    I didn’t get to the “Logo Test” while it was being decided; however, I loved the one I noticed you were using on FB and am glad to know that it is the winner. The red beet implies “freshness, nutrition (beets are very healthy), and the bright red color says ” happy eating which can’t be beat” if you forgive the pun. Jill you are a the real winner! Love from Grammy.

  2. Kim says:

    I love it. It fits! Good choice.. I love the “beet on the street”, as well.

  3. Patty says:

    Beets are my #1 veggie…love it!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Love it–very nice choice, Jill.

  5. Rick says:

    Love the logo!! Awesome!

  6. Kim says:

    I love, love, love it! The beet is so cute and fits perfectly with the name. =)

  7. MaLanie says:

    Well, I must say, Mrs. Robin is a hard one to follow! :) Though not as eloquently, I echo her sentiments! It’s a joy to watch/read/follow you on this journey–and it’s so much fun to see you do what you love! (And the logo is good too). :)

  8. Gigi says:

    Love it!! I really liked this one too…but the spatula wasn’t working for me either…Great choice and good analyzing skills in making your selection. Sounds like you are doing a great job in getting this up and off the ground! Gotta run and select my appointments for NBTA…I know you are jealous!! :)

  9. Alexis Robin says:

    Well I love it because you love it. And beets do scream Jill Epner, I mean they are colorful, they are healthy, they are literally down to earth, and they are beautiful with a salad. Oh and they go with goat cheese, and you just can’t go wrong with goat cheese.

    I was recently in a “Building your business for right brained people” class and we had to pick a fruit that represented our brand. This is so fitting for you. I think of slicing open a roasted golden beet to find the beautiful rings and yellow that can’t be duplicated and I am reminded that all these years you were carrying all of your creativity in your heart and now that you sliced your dreams wide open, all of the beauty that was inside is exposed to all of us!

  10. Dan says:

    Well, so much for letting the masses make the choice ;)

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